News – 20.01.2020

Scenarios for a Reform of Unemployment Benefits

WIFO Study Commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs Calculates Impact on Unemployed and Budget Use

On behalf of the Ministry of Social Affairs, a recent WIFO study calculated various possible specification of a "new unemployment benefit", as envisaged in the government programme of the Austrian federal government in office from 18 December 2017 to 28 May 2019.
News – 10.01.2020

Potentials of the European Single Market

December Issue of WIFO-Monatsberichte (monthly reports) Focusing on Europe

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Austria's EU membership, the current issue of the WIFO-Monatsberichte is dedicated to the economic effects of the EU Single Market.
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News – 08.01.2020

WIFO-Konjunkturtest of December 2019

Deterioration in economic assessments

The results of the WIFO-Konjunkturtest (business cycle survey) show a further deterioration in the economic assessments of Austrian companies. However, there are still major differences between the sectors: while the economic assessments of companies in the service and building sectors remain confident despite slight declines, companies in the manufacturing sector are not very confident.
News – 19.12.2019

Global Economic Weakness Dampens Activity in Austria

Economic Outlook for 2020 and 2021

Economic growth in Austria lost considerable momentum in recent months. A major reason is the current phase of weakness in the global trade cycle that weighs on exports and industrial output. Persistently favourable financing conditions, fiscal incentives and resilient consumer demand remain supportive to domestic business activity. After an increase of 1.7 percent in 2019, GDP is projected to grow by 1.2 percent in 2020 and 1.4 percent in 2021.



Big Data in Natural Hazard Management

WIFO Study on Torrent and Avalanche Control

Unbundling and Productivity in the Electricity Generation Sector

WIFO Research Seminar with Philipp Steinbrunner from the University of Turin

Double Award for Julia Bachtrögler

WIFO Economist Receives Stephan Koren-Award and Hanns Abele Prize 2019

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