: from left to right: Alfred Stiglbauer (OeNB), Ernest Gnan (OeNB), Graham Bishop (Consultant on European Integration), Ralf Kronberger (WKO), Thomas Url (WIFO), Franz Nauschnigg (Konsulent EZB), David Llewellyn (Laughborough University) – © WKO

Financial Aspects of Brexit

Book Presentation "Schwerpunkt Außenwirtschaft 2018/2019"

The book "Schwerpunkt Außenwirtschaft 2018/2019", published annually in cooperation by the Austrian National Bank and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, was presented in a workshop at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration on 17 June 2019. The publication contains a discussion on current developments in Austrian foreign trade – this year's main topic was "Brexit". In his article, WIFO financial market expert Thomas Url (WIFO) provides an assessment of the future development of the financial services industry after Brexit.
: © Universität Tübingen

The Fight for a Better Europe

Lecture by Fritz Breuss at the University of Tübingen
: © Vienna University of Economics and Business

Social Advancement in Austria: A Ladder Without Bars?

Video: WIFO Director Christoph Badelt at "WU matters. WU talks."

Workshop on International Economic Networks

Two-day Seminar in Vienna Starting 27 June 2019

Why We Urgently Need an Euro Area Reform

Newspaper Commentary and Policy Brief by WIFO Economist Atanas Pekanov

Intereconomics: Special FairTax Issue

Fair and Sustainable Taxation in the EU

Business cycle analyses

Publication scheme for the WIFO business cycle analyses: download

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