: Professor Kai Hüschelrath (Photo: WIFO)

Kai Hüschelrath at WIFO Extern

Kai Hüschelrath, Professor at the Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences, on "Minority Share Acquisitions and Collusion".

In his lecture on "Minority Share Acquisitions and Collusion: Evidence from the Introduction of National Leniency Programs", Professor Kai Hüschelrath of Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences addressed the growing concern that minority shareholding in rival firms facilitate collusion.
: Jochen Kantelhardt, Michael Staudinger, Fred Luks, Christiane Spiel, Christoph Badelt, Angela Köppl, Bettina Fuhrmann, Hans Mayrhofer (Photo: WIFO)

WIFO Director Christoph Badelt Chairs Advisory Board of the Ecosocial Forum

The Scientific Advisory Board is established on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the concept of the ecosocial market economy.

New Empirica special issue

Empirica special issue of the 10th Geoffrey Hewings Workshop of WIFO on Regional Development and Regional Policy published.

Austrian Re-Use Conference 2019

WIFO budget expert Margit Schratzenstaller talks about fiscal instruments for a circular economy.

Sources of corporate financing in Austria

WIFO researcher Thomas Url presents corporate finance study in press conference with Aktienforum and Industriellenvereinigung.

A glimpse into economic research: Daughter's Day at WIFO

WIFO is participating at the Vienna Daughter's Day again this year.

Employment effects of digitisation

A new WIFO study analyses the employment effects of digitisation with a focus on differences between urban and rural regions.

Macroeconomic effects of gender equality

Hector Pollitt (Cambridge Econometrics) presents key findings on the macroeconomic effects of gender equality.

11th ISWG Workshop "Empirical Economics

The 11th ISWG Workshop "Empirical Economics" at WIFO offered empirical analyses on various economic questions.

Business cycle analyses

Publication scheme for the WIFO business cycle analyses: download

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