Research Assistance

Together with the economists the research assistants form a team that works very closely on the provision of WIFO's entire range of services.

The job profile corresponds to that of research and project assistants, completed by data competence essential for the work at WIFO. Data competence includes methodological-statistical knowledge and in particular content-related data expertise. Tasks of the research assistance cover ongoing data support and analysis as well as collaboration on projects. The research assistant is involved in all project phases and provides support with the

  • proposal preparation: review of formal project requirements, review of data basis, contribution in the preparation of work and cost schedules,
  • project approval: preparation of checklists, dissemination plans,
  • project implementation: provision, quality assurance, processing and visualisation of data,
  • reporting: consistency checks, proof-reading, layout and
  • dissemination of research results.

In addition to project work, the research assistants support the economists in producing other scientific output such as WIFO-Monatsberichte (monthly reports), WIFO Working Papers, WIFO Research Briefs, journal articles, preparing presentations and responding to external inquiries (e.g. from stakeholders, media). Together with the Research Data Management team research assistants manage WIFO's data base stored in the WIFO Data System (WDS) and engage in innovative graphical data processing in cooperation with the team of the Data Scientists.