The Economy in the Austrian Federal Provinces

Analysis and forecast of business cycles are core competencies of WIFO. The series "The Economy in the Austrian Federal Provinces" provides a quarterly overview of the current economic development of the Austrian federal provinces. Based on the results of WIFO forecast and reporting, this publication uses the findings of the WIFO-Konjunkturtest (business cycle survey), current labour market and tourism data as well as figures from the short-term statistics. Twice a year, the results of the WIFO Flash Estimate on the development of real gross value added in the federal provinces are included. The reporting periods are the first half of the previous year (published in February) and the past year (published in June). The last issue of the year contains a forecast of employment and unemployment by province for the next years.

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Auslaufende Hochkonjunktur im Jahresverlauf. Sommer 2022 (Economic Boom Over the Course of the Year. Summer 2022)
The Economy in the Austrian Federal Provinces, 2022, 2022, (2), 70 pages
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Im Sommer 2022 erfuhr die wirtschaftliche Konjunktur in Österreich kräftige wirtschaftliche Impulse, welche auf einer breiten sektoralen Basis beruhten. Zum Teil basiert die kräftige Konjunktur auf Aufholeffekten infolge der massiven konjunkturellen Verwerfungen in der COVID-19-Pandemie. Dies trifft insbesondere auf den Tourismusbereich zu, wo sich die Anzahl der Nächtigungen im Sommer 2022 gegenüber dem Vorjahr mehr als verdoppelte. Das Vorkrisenniveau in Österreich ist hier insgesamt jedoch noch nicht ganz erreicht. Am aktuellen Rand ist jedoch eine deutliche Abschwächung der Konjunktur zu erkennen.
Keywords:Bundesländer, Konjunkturbericht
Research group:Regional Economics and Spatial Analysis

Economic Boom Over the Course of the Year. Summer 2022
In the summer of 2022, economic development in Austria experienced strong economic impulses, which were based on a broad sectoral basis. In part, the strong economic activity was due to catch-up effects resulting from the massive economic disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is particularly evident in the tourism sector, where the number of overnight stays more than doubled in summer 2022 compared with the previous year, but the pre-crisis level has not yet been fully reached in Austria as a whole. However, several indicators for the further course of the year show a clear weakening of the economy.

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