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Research programme "Austria 2025"

The two greatest challenges for Austrian economic policy in the coming ten years are the adverse labour market development and to achieve agreed environmental goals. The research programme "Austria 2025" analyses strategies for confronting these challenges under the restrictions of an ongoing fiscal consolidation path and the preservation of social security systems in a low growth environment.
Programme coordinator: Marcus Scheiblecker
Research groups: all

Joint Macroeconomic Forecast for Germany

Within the project, biannual macroeconomic forecasts for the global and German economy are developed. The project is carried out in collaboration with the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW). WIFO is responsible for the diagnosis and forecast for the global economy. Together with DIW, policy recommendations for the EU and the German government are elaborated.

WWWforEurope: Welfare, Wealth and Work

The objective of this 4-year project was to provide the analytical basis for a socio-ecological transition in Europe: the change to a new growth path with smart, sustainable and inclusive growth as is envisaged in the EU 2020 strategy. In order to support the transition, we analyse the need, the feasibility and best practice for change, specifying the institutional changes needed at all policy levels to implement these options.
Project manager: Karl Aiginger
Research groups: all research groups

FIW – Research Centre International Economics

FIW has the objective to support and interconnect the Austrian scientific community in the field of International Economics in order to advance know-how as well as scientific and economic policy oriented discussions on issues in International Economics. The competence centre is a key information portal for the Austrian scientific community and the social partners, by bundling and extending the knowledge of existing research bodies.

Competitiveness Report. Framework Contract 2015-2018

Since 2003 WIFO leads a consortium of high-level international research organisations and academic advisers to prepare studies for the annual European Competitiveness Reports of the European Commission. The summaries of background reports appear in the annual report on European competitiveness.

CATs – Carbon Taxes in Austria

This project focuses on carbon taxes as a policy instrument for achieving emission reductions particularly in non-EU ETS sectors. We perform a systematic review of carbon taxes in EU member countries in quantitative terms and a qualitative assessment of the implementation processes, barriers, related legal and political science aspects. A model-based analysis of the effects of introducing carbon taxes in Austria will be performed and policy recommendations are developed for Austria and the EU.

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