Julia Bachtrögler-Unger, PhD

Julia Bachtrögler-Unger is an Economist at WIFO and has been working in the Research Group "Regional Economics and Spatial Analysis" since 2018. Her research focuses on issues of regional and urban economics, in particular the analysis of economic policy measures in the regional context, regional development and convergence. In these areas she is currently working as a project leader and collaborator in national and international projects. Her current research activities include the analysis of EU cohesion policy at the micro and small-scale level. From 2014 to 2018, Julia taught and worked as a research assistant and PhD student at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. She also gained experience in two OECD projects and was a guest researcher at Politecnico di Milano. Her work has been published in journals such as Regional Studies, and she has been giving presentations at numerous conferences and workshops. For her dissertation, she was awarded the Stephan Koren Award, the Hanns Abele Prize and the FIW Award for outstanding dissertations in 2019. Since April 2022 she is a member of the Austrian Productivity Board.

Closed: 01.05.2023
  • Project team member:
  • Ron Boschma (Utrecht University)
Contractor project: Bertelsmann Stiftung Gütersloh
Ongoing project since: 07.10.2022
Contractor project: European Commission
Project partner: Austrian Institute of Economic Research, University of Strathclyde, European Policies Research Centre