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Alois Guger, Michael Mesch (Ed.)
in: Wie kam der Keynesianismus nach Österreich
Book chapters, contributions to collected volumes, ÖGB-Verlag, Wien, January 2016, pp.45-72
Online since: 06.10.2016 14:43
Papers and proceedings, Orac, Wien, January 2015, 409 pages
Online since: 11.05.2015 11:08
Karl Aiginger
in: Wilfried Altzinger, Alois Guger, Peter Mooslechner, Ewald Nowotny (Eds.), Economics as a Multi-Paradigmatic Science. In Honour of Kurt W. Rothschild (1914-2010)
Book chapters, contributions to collected volumes, Vienna, January 2014, pp.173-180,
Online since: 20.04.2015 19:10
Research in Applied Economics, 2014, (3), pp.157-178,
Online since: 22.04.2015 16:04
Papers and proceedings, Vienna, January 2014, 229 pages,
Editors: Oesterreichische Nationalbank
Online since: 20.04.2015 19:21
Martina Einsiedl, Eva Festl, Alois Guger, Käthe Knittler
in: Margareta Kreimer, Richard Sturn, Rudolf Dujmovits, Paradigmenwechsel in der Familienpolitik
Book chapters, contributions to collected volumes, Wiesbaden, January 2011, 202 pages
Online since: 16.10.2015 18:47
Alois Guger, Michael Wüger, Martina Agwi, Adolf Buxbaum, Eva Festl, Käthe Knittler, Verena Halsmayer, Simon Sturn
Papers and proceedings, ÖGB Verlag, October 2009, 324 pages,
Editors: Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection
in: 5. Familienbericht 1999-2009. Die Familie an der Wende zum 21. Jahrhundert. BAND II
Book chapters, contributions to collected volumes, Wien, 2009, pp.349-390,
Editors: Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth