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Workshops, conferences and other events, WIFO, 1030 Vienna, Arsenal, Objekt 20, 20.-21.9.2018
Organised by: Austrian Institute of Economic Research – Gesellschaft für Regionalforschung
Online since: 12.07.2018 0:00
The Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO) is very pleased to announce the 11th international workshop in honour of Geoffrey J.D. Hewings, Professor of Economics at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign and member of WIFO's International Board. Professor Hewings has published numerous scientific contributions in economics, economic geography, urban and regional planning, input-output analysis and other fields, and is always eager to share his knowledge and give advice to younger scholars. This year's workshop will focus on topics around the urban-rural divide as well as winning and losing regions in times of increasingly digitalised economies and societies. Additionally, empirical contributions from a broader range of regional economics are also welcome.
Lectures "WIFO-Extern", 21.9.2018 13:15,
Organised by: Austrian Institute of Economic Research
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In most industrialised countries, differences in economic outcomes between regions are just as pronounced as differences between countries. Since these disparities are linked to divergence in many other outcomes, from health and mortality to family formation and politics, it is important to understand the sources of these inequalities and possible ways how to reduce them. Increasing international trade volumes and technological progress are among the most important trends in the past decades, which have also contributed substantially to the manifestation of regional disparities. In this talk, I will discuss the evidence on the causal effects of increasing trade with China and Eastern Europe as well as the increasing use of industrial robots on (regional) inequality. These insights lead to conclusions on how policymakers could react to those trends.
Press conferences, WIFO, 1030 Wien, Arsenal, Objekt 20, Großer Sitzungssaal, 5.10.2018 10:30
Organised by: Austrian Institute of Economic Research
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Workshops, conferences and other events, WIFO, 1030 Wien, Arsenal, Objekt 20, 29.-30.11.2018
Organised by: Centre of Excellence "Research Centre International Economics"
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Das Kompetenzzentrum "Forschungsschwerpunkt Internationale Wirtschaft" (FIW) veranstaltet am 29. und 30. November 2018 die 11. FIW-Forschungskonferenz "International Economics" und lädt Sie herzlich ein, sich am Call for Papers zu beteiligen. Das Hauptziel dieser Konferenz ist es, eine Plattform für Ökonomen und Ökonominnen in Österreich und den Nachbarländern zu bieten, die im Themengebiet "International Economics" arbeiten und ihre jüngsten Forschungsergebnisse präsentieren möchten. Besonders junge Forscher und Forscherinnen werden ermutigt, ihre Arbeiten einzureichen und die Chance zu nutzen, ihre Forschungsergebnisse in einem kleinen Kreis vorzustellen und mit Experten und Expertinnen auf dem Gebiet "International Economics" zu diskutieren.