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Economic Sentiment Continues to Brighten, Supply Bottlenecks and Labour Shortages Hamper Production. Results of the WIFO-Konjunkturtest Quarterly Survey of July 2021
WIFO Reports on Austria, 2021, (10), 10 Seiten
Online seit: 31.08.2021 0:00
Economic assessments of Austrian companies continued to improve across all sectors in July. Sentiment also brightened in the sectors recently affected directly or indirectly by lockdowns. The WIFO-Konjunkturampel (economic traffic light) continues to show green, confirming the trend of a strong economic upswing. Accordingly, capacity utilisation improved noticeably. For the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, companies cited the "shortage of labour force" as the most important obstacle to their activities. In manufacturing and construction, more companies than ever before reported a "shortage of materials or capacity" as the most important constraint.
JEL-Codes:E32, E66
Keywords:WIFO-Konjunkturtest (business cycle survey), business cycle, quarterly data
Forschungsbereich:Industrieökonomie, Innovation und internationaler Wettbewerb – Strukturwandel und Regionalentwicklung

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