Roberto Basile, Alessandro Girardi, Marianna Mantuano, Francesco Pastore
Sectoral Shifts, Diversification and Regional Unemployment. Evidence From Local Labour Systems in Italy
WIFO Working Papers, 2011, (411), 42 Seiten
Using local labour systems data, this work aims at assessing the effects of sectoral shifts and industry specialisation patterns on regional unemployment in Italy over the years 2004-2008, when huge worker reallocation caused by changes in the international division of labour occurred. Italy represents an interesting case study because of the high degree of spatial heterogeneity in local labour market performance and the well-known north-south divide. Furthermore, the presence of strongly specialised local labour systems (industrial districts) allows us to test whether industrial districts perform better than highly diversified urban areas thanks to the effect of agglomeration economies, or vice versa. Building on a semiparametric spatial autoregressive framework, our empirical investigation documents that sectoral shifts and the degree of specialisation exert a negative effect on unemployment dynamics. By contrast, highly diversified areas turn out to be characterised by better labour market performances.
Forschungsbereich:Strukturwandel und Regionalentwicklung