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17th Euroframe Conference on Economic Policy Issues in the European Union. Climate Change: Economic Implications, Tools and Challenges for Policy-Makers in Europe – postponed until further notice
Veranstalter: National Institute of Economic and Social Research, London
Online seit: 19.12.2019 0:00
Postponed until further notice! – The Euroframe group of research institutes (CASE, CPB, DIW, ESRI, ETLA, IfW, NIESR, OFCE, PROMETEIA, WIFO) will hold its 17th annual Conference on Economic Policy Issues in the European Union in London on 5 June 2020. The aim of this conference is to bring together academics and policy-oriented economists by providing a forum for debate on economic policy issues relevant in the European context. The 17th Conference will focus on the challenges posed by climate change. Public opinion has changed and European policy-makers, businesses and the financial sector have started to recognise the importance of climate change and biodiversity on the lives of people and the economy. Climate action must stand at the core of long-term growth and infrastructure planning. How do policy-makers ensure that the costs and benefits of climate action are shared equitably at a time when multilateral frameworks have come under threat?
Forschungsbereich:Makroökonomie und europäische Wirtschaftspolitik