Brexit: An Overview of the Manifold Effects


Selected Results of WIFO Research on Economic (Dis)Integration

After long and tough negotiations, a Brexit deal has become a reality. A collection of studies provides an overview of the different effects of the UK withdrawal from the EU and its internal market. Multiple WIFO studies show the economic effects on several levels.

Many questions arise: What economic effects can be expected from 1 January 2021 onwards? How much will trade in goods and services be affected? How will prices develop? How will the research landscape and market regulation be affected?

A summary of these selected aspects is given here:

What are the effects of on trade in goods with productivity and welfare?
The performance of the Single Market for goods after 25 years
Yvonne Wolfmayr, Klaus S. Friesenbichler, Harald Oberhofer, Michael Pfaffermayr

What conclusions can be drawn from EU-accession for productivity and market structures?
Does EU-accession affect domestic market structures and firm level productivity?
Klaus S. Friesenbichler

What are the effects of Brexit on productivity and welfare in the UK and the EU?
Estimating the Trade and Welfare Effects of Brexit: A Panel Data Structural Gravity Model
Harald Oberhofer, Michael Pfaffermayr

How will the financial sector be affected?
Schwerpunkt Außenwirtschaft 2018/2019: Financial aspects of Brexit
Thomas Url

Could there be a structural impact on the UK’s production potential?
Tradability and productivity growth differentials across EU Member States
Klaus S. Friesenbichler, Christian Glocker

What does the UK’s withdrawal from EU value chains mean for productivity?
Drivers of Integration into a Regional Trade Bloc and their Impact on Productivity
Agnes Kügler, Andreas Reinstaller, Klaus S. Friesenbichler

What price dynamics can be expected?
Does value chain integration dampen producer price developments? Evidence from the European Union
Klaus S. Friesenbichler, Agnes Kügler, Andreas Reinstaller

Will regulation be affected when the Community Acquis is not required anymore?
Exporting the Competition Policy Regime of the European Union: Success or Failure? Empirical Evidence for Acceding Countries
Michael H. Böheim, Klaus S. Friesenbichler

Will Brexit affect the UK's economic resilience?
Single Market Transmission Mechanisms Before, During and After the 2008-09 Crisis
Harald Oberhofer, Christian Glocker, Werner Hölzl, Peter Huber, Serguei Kaniovski, Klaus Nowotny, Michael Pfaffermayr (WIFO), Monique Ebell, Nikolaus Kontogiannis (NIESR, London)

Will Brexit impact the research landscape?
Mobility Patterns and Career Paths of EU Researchers
Jürgen Janger, Agnes Kügler

How will the EU-budget be affected?
Features and Challenges of the EU Budget: Brexit and EU Budget
Margit Schratzenstaller

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Klaus S. Friesenbichler

Research groups: Industrial Economics, Innovation and International Competition

Agnes Kügler, MSc

Research groups: Industrial Economics, Innovation and International Competition

Professor Harald Oberhofer

Research groups: Industrial Economics, Innovation and International Competition

Andreas Reinstaller

Research groups: Industrial Economics, Innovation and International Competition
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