Construction Market Research Network EUROCONSTRUCT®

EUROCONSTRUCT® is an independent construction market forecasting network with partner institutes in 19 European countries. WIFO is the Austrian representative of the network and in this function the first contact point for national inquiries.

Main network activities cover the bi-annual conferences where special emphasis is set on overall economic analysis and on European construction market forecasts in those countries where the network is represented. These forecasts are updated bi-annually and are presented at the summer conferences (June) or winter conferences (November/December) in alternating European cities.

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Michael Klien, Michael Weingärtler, 83rd Euroconstruct Conference: European Construction Market Outlook until 2019 – Austria's Construction Market on a Robust Growth Path. Country Report Austria

Monographs, June 2017, 31 pages,
The 83rd Euroconstruct Conference confirms Austria's growth path in the construction sector in the upcoming years. Nevertheless construction output is expected to increase only by 1.6 percent at constant prices in 2017 compared to the previous year which is significantly lower than the average of 2.9 percent in the Euroconstruct region. It has to be considered that Austria has already one of the highest numbers of building permits per 1,000 inhabitants in Europe additionally supported by numerous public housing programmes. Therefore growth in residential construction is limited. On the other hand the steadily improving economic framework, pushed by improving labour markets and higher private consumption along with improving export markets is driving non-residential construction (+2.1 percent) in 2017. Apart from that civil engineering is expected to remain weak with low investments in energy and water works. Growth in civil engineering can be mainly expected from the traffic infrastructure area, all above from investments into the road and railway network.
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