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91st Euroconstruct Conference: European Construction Market Outlook until 2023 – Strong Rebound in European Construction in 2021. Country Reports
Studien, Juni 2021, 450 Seiten,
The summer update of the European construction market forecasts – presented at the 91st Euroconstruct conference, hosted by the Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO) and streamed from Vienna on 10 to 11 June 2021 – indicated a strong rebound in construction in 2021. The past year of 2020 brought drastic declines in total construction output in almost all EC countries – apart from Denmark, Finland, Portugal and Sweden. The countries France, Ireland, Spain, the United Kingdom, Hungary and Slovakia recorded high single-digit or even double-digit declines. The construction industry in the Nordic countries was more resilient to the pandemic, with positive growth rates in several countries. This contrasts with a negative growth trend in the Eastern European countries, where the Czech Republic and Poland came off somewhat more lightly. The picture in continental and southern Europe is very heterogeneous. Overall, total construction output of 1,702 billion € is forecasted for 2021 within the Euroconstruct area. The Euroconstruct Country Report provides detailed information about the construction market trends and its fundamentals in each of the 19 Euroconstruct member countries until 2023. The forecasts and analyses are presented on the country level and are based on a comparable harmonised dataset for the major construction sectors and indicators. The macroeconomic framework conditions are included additionally. With contributions by Anne-Sophie Alsif, Anna Brinkhagen, Anders Bjerre, Ludwig Dorffmeister, Antonio Coimbra, Thomas Endhoven, Josep Ramon Fontana, David Frič, János Gáspár, Johan Grip, Roch-Eloi Grivet, Paul Groot, Annette Hughes, Radovan Kostelník, Nathalie Kouassi, Michael Klien, Nathalie Kouassi, Vladimir Lenko, Jean-Pierre Liebaert, Nejra Macic, Pascal Marlier, Markku Riihimäki, Sadia Sheikh, Stefanie Siegrist, Radislav Semenov, Sara Snöbohm, Mariusz Sochacki, Antonella Stemperini and Michael Weingärtler.
Keywords:Construction Market, Forcasts, Europe, Housing, Residential, Non-Residential, Civil Engineering
Forschungsbereich:Regionalökonomie und räumliche Analyse