94th Euroconstruct Conference: European Construction Market Outlook until 2025 – Nearly all factors negative as European construction looks set to stagnate. Summary Report

  • Euroconstruct (EUROCONSTRUCT - Europäisches Bauforschungsnetzwerk)

The 94th Euroconstruct forecasts from Autumn and Winter 2022 show stagnation in the construction markets covered by the 19 members of the network in 2023 and 2024. However, the development in the individual construction sub-sectors is varied. The weak development is mainly attributable to the unfavourable performance of residential construction, both in new buildings and in refurbishment. The era of low-interest rates led to a boom in new-build housing across Europe, but the situation has changed substantially in the past six months. While building construction, in general, is currently under pressure, European civil engineering is still showing a much better development, driven by ecological investments (sustainable transport infrastructure, power supply, etc.). Detailed results and forecasts were presented to a professional audience at the 94th Euroconstruct Conference in London (United Kingdom) on 18 November 2022. The Euroconstruct Summary Report provides a macroeconomic analysis and an overview of the European construction industry by sectors (housing, non-residential construction, and civil engineering; split into new and renovation, respectively) up to 2025. With contributions by Mohammed Chaudhri, Roch-Eloi Grivet, James Ison, Nathalie Kouassi, Pascal Marlier, Pekka Pajakkala, Markku Riihimäki, Mariusz Sochacki.