DANDELION - Promoting EU-funded projects of Inclusive Innovative and Reflective Societies (Horizon 2020)

Although research has produced important insights about current pressing societal problems its findings do not always reach its targets in society, policy or the market. This hampers its potential to be fertilised and transformed into innovative approaches, services and products with potential benefits for citizens. One of the pillars of "Horizon 2020" is to support research that tackles societal challenges. One area of focus is the concept of "Inclusive Innovative and Reflective Societies" (IIRS) which addresses issues such as reducing inequalities and social exclusion, overcoming the financial crisis, decreasing job insecurity and fostering European cultural heritage. The project "DANDELION – Promoting EU-funded Projects of Inclusive Innovative and Reflective Societies" aims to support the uptake and valorisation of IIRS research and improve its dissemination towards citizens, policy makers, academia and media. This will be achieved through a series of innovative and creative communication activities targeted at a range of audiences.