FIDELIO 2: Full Interregional Dynamic Econometric Long-term Input Output Model. An Econometric Input-Output model for the EU

  • Projektleitung:
  • Kurt Kratena

The main aim of this project is to strengthen and expand an existing econometric input-output model for the European Union member countries (FIDELIO) to be used in policy simulations. This improvement of the features of the current version of FIDELIO comprises the extension to non-EU countries, the inclusion of different income levels of households, the endogenisation of the environmental module and the change of the base year. An additional objective is the further development of the model to be able to run two real policy applications related (but not limited) to the economic, social and environmental impact assessments of Ecodesign regulation and fiscal instruments towards the analysis of the existence of double dividend. The enhancement of the robustness of the model outcomes by means of confidence intervals, sensitivity analyses and possibly Monte Carlo simulations also contributes to the project objectives.