Framework Contract to Provide Foreign Policy Expertise. Lot 5 Trade

The framework contract offers foreign policy expertise to the European Parliament in the area of international trade. WIFO is part of a European consortium composed of private consultancies and academic experts from 5 research institutes lead by Copenhagen Economics to conduct economic, trade, FDI and foreign policy analyses in the following fields: WTO as a pillar of the world trading system; multilateralism, regionalism and nationalism in the global economic governance; bilateral and plurilateral agreements; the EU's autonomous trade measures; the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP); rules of origin; trade defence instruments (anti-dumping, countervailing duties, safeguards); external aspects of the EU competitiveness strategy; the EU's trade related assistance to third countries; the external dimensions of the EU Single Market; the role of non-tariff barriers in EU trade policy and trade promotion; EU relations with third countries; foreign investment-related issue; public procurement; raw materials and energy related issues; other trade related issues, including label laws, environmental protection, sustainable development and labour rights.