Economic Sanctions in the Short, the Medium, and the Long-Run: CGE Estimates with New Data (EcoSan)

  • Projektmitarbeit:
  • Clifton T. Morgan (Rice University)
  • Aleksandra Kirilakha
  • Constantinos Syropoulos
  • Yoto V. Yotov (Drexel University, LeBow College of Business, School of Economics)
  • Erdal Yalcin (Hochschule Konstanz)
  • Georg Böhs (WIFO)

Economic sanctions are increasingly used in current international policy conflicts; they are employed as substitutes to more conventional military tools ("War by Other Means"). Evidence on their political effectiveness, on the distribution of macro- and microeconomic costs, and on their optimal design is, however, scarce. Current developments in international politics underline the importance of better data and better analysis to guide policymakers in different fields of Austrian and European politics.