The Economy in the Austrian Federal Provinces

Analysis and forecast of business cycles are core competencies of WIFO. The series "The Economy in the Austrian Federal Provinces" provides a quarterly overview of the current economic development of the Austrian federal provinces. Based on the results of WIFO forecast and reporting, this publication uses the findings of the WIFO-Konjunkturtest (business cycle survey), current labour market and tourism data as well as figures from the short-term statistics. Twice a year, the results of the WIFO Flash Estimate on the development of real gross value added in the federal provinces are included. The reporting periods are the first half of the previous year (published in February) and the past year (published in June). The last issue of the year contains a forecast of employment and unemployment by province for the next years.

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Die Wirtschaft in den Bundesländern. III. Quartal 2021 (The Economy in the Austrian Länder. Third Quarter of 2021)
The Economy in the Austrian Federal Provinces, 2022, 70 pages
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Die wirtschaftliche Entwicklung der österreichischen Bundesländer stand im III. Quartal 2021 weiterhin im Zeichen einer kräftigen nationalen wie internationalen Erholung. Die konjunkturellen Aufholprozesse betreffen alle Bundesländer gleichermaßen und fußen auf einer breiten sektoralen Basis. Die aufhellende wirtschaftliche Entwicklung sorgt auch für Entspannung auf dem Arbeitsmarkt, was sich in steigenden Beschäftigungszahlen sowie sinkender Arbeitslosigkeit widerspiegelt.
Keywords:TP_COVID, Bundesländer, Konjunkturbericht
Research group:Regional Economics and Spatial Analysis

The Economy in the Austrian Länder. Third Quarter of 2021
In the third quarter of 2021, the regional economic development in Austria continued to be characterised by a strong national and international recovery. The economic catch-up process affects all federal provinces equally and is based on a broad sectoral basis. The brightening economic development is also easing the situation on the labour market, which is reflected in rising levels of employment and falling unemployment.

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