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Jan-Maarten de Vet, Andreas Pauer, Erik Merkus, Paul Baker, Ana Rosa Gonzalez-Martinez, Tamas Kiss-Galfalvi (ECORYS), Gerhard Streicher (WIFO), Ana Rincon-Aznar (NIESR, London), Competitiveness of the European Cement and Lime Sectors

Monographs, January 2018, 312 pages
The mature cement and lime industry sectors are vital for a range of downstream industries, products and services. Over the past 10 years, both sectors have witnessed major downturns, and future prospects are uncertain. These sectors and, in turn, policy-makers, need a better understanding of how resilient the sectors are when responding to external shocks – notably to changes in demand, but also to regulatory reforms and new initiatives (at EU, national, regional and local levels).
Commissioned by: European Commission
Study by: ECORYS Holding BV – Austrian Institute of Economic Research – National Institute of Economic and Social Research, London
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Research group:Industrial Economics, Innovation and International Competition