Österreich 15 Jahre EU-Mitglied (15 Years of Austrian EU Membership)
WIFO-Monatsberichte, 2010, 83(2), S.117-138
Eine Neubewertung der wirtschaftlichen Effekte von 15 Jahren EU-Mitgliedschaft fällt für Österreich positiv aus: Das reale BIP wurde zusätzlich um 0,6% pro Jahr gesteigert. Durch alle Integrationsschritte (Ostöffnung, EU-Beitritt, WWU-Teilnahme, EU-Erweiterung) zusammen erhöhte sich das reale BIP pro Jahr zusätzlich um 0,9%.
Keywords:Ostöffnung, EU-Beitritt, WWU-Teilnahme, EU-Erweiterung
Forschungsbereich:Makroökonomie und öffentliche Finanzen

15 Years of Austrian EU Membership
Austria's 15-year EU membership has been a success story. It gave Austria an additional growth impulse of 0.6 percentage points and facilitated the creation of 14,000 new jobs. The main difficulty in estimating these integration effects consists in taking account of several simultaneous events: after the political upheaval of 1989 and the opening of Eastern Europe new sales opportunities emerged for Austrian exporters. At the same time EU integration deepened further. After the Single European Market the monetary union with a common currency was created. Finally the EU was enlarged to 27 member counties. In total – for all integration steps since 1989 (Opening of Eastern Europe, EU accession, participation in EMU, EU enlargement) – the integration bonus in Austria amounts to an additional real GDP growth of 0.9 percentage points per year and the creation of an additional 20,000 new jobs.

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Austrian Economic Quarterly, 2010, 15(2), S.165-183
A reassessment of the economic effects of Austria's EU membership after 15 years yields a positive result. Real GDP has been boosted by 0.6 percent per year. Taking together all integration moves (opening of Eastern Europe, EU accession, EMU membership, EU enlargement), real GDP increased by an overall 0.9 percent per year.
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