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Empirica publishes empirical and theoretical work on all economic aspects of European Integration. The topics may range from all challenges concerning the deepening of the European Union (Single Market, Lisbon Agenda, EMU) to enlargement and the external relations of the EU (globalisation).

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Carlos Vacas-Soriano, Enrique Fernández-Macías, Rafael Muñoz de Bustillo
Recent trends in wage inequality from an EU perspective: a tale of two convergences
Empirica, 2020, 47(3), S.523-542, http://www.springer.com/10663
This paper presents an analysis of two processes of convergence between European countries, in wage levels and wage distributions, and the extent to which they explain recent trends in wage inequality for the EU as a whole. The results show that wage convergence was the main driver behind wage inequality trends for the EU as a whole in the last decade, which was significantly reduced prior to the crisis as a result of wage catch-up growth mainly in Eastern Europe, a process which was interrupted during the crisis but reactivated again in the most recent period. On the other hand, the contribution of within-country wage developments to explain changes in wage inequality for the EU as whole over the last decade was much more limited, although it is interesting to note as well a process of convergence in wage distributions between European countries towards intermediate inequality levels. Policies directed at reducing wage disparities within countries offer the best prospect to tackle wage inequalities both at the national and EU-wide level, as illustrated by the introduction of the German statutory minimum wage in 2015.
Forschungsbereich:Arbeitsmarkt, Einkommen und soziale Sicherheit

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