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Julia Bachtrögler-Unger (Projektleitung)
Stuck in the Middle? An Analysis of Middle-income Traps in European Regions
Aktuelle Forschungsprojekte (in Arbeit)
Studie von: Österreichisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung
Auftraggeber: Jubiläumsfonds der Oesterreichischen Nationalbank
The study provides a thorough analysis of potential middle-income traps among the NUTS-2 regions in Europe. Since recent studies have predominantly focused on the national level, the project will contribute to a new stream of literature on middle-income traps at the subnational regional level. This allows to shed light on the existence of middle-income traps in the EU and the growth behaviour of middle-income regions. Due to the granularity of the regional perspective, spatial spillover processes among the regions can be analysed in more detail. An additional aim of the project is to extend existing spatial econometric specifications by means of simultaneously accounting for spatial dependence, the nature of spatial spillover processes as well as the uncertainty regarding the alternative definitions of middle-income traps. The study does not only analyse the growth determinants of middle-income regions (potentially stuck in a middle-income trap) as compared to other regions, but also studies the factors driving regions to falling into and escaping from a middle-income trap, respectively. Finally, the study will also inform policy makers on how to improve regional growth performance and to avoid or potentially escape from a middle-income trap.
Forschungsbereich:Strukturwandel und Regionalentwicklung