Jahrestagung Evolutorischer Ausschuss im Verein für Socialpolitik

Hauptveranstaltung: Jahrestagung Evolutorischer Ausschuss im Verein für Socialpolitik
Veranstalter: Österreichisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung
Personen: WIFO
Sprache: Deutsch
The Verein für Socialpolitik is the umbrella organisation for economics in the German-speaking world and is organised in various specialist committees. WIFO currently chairs the Committee for Evolutionary Economics, which deals with the long-term determinants of complex economic systems. The focus is on the interaction of heterogeneous microeconomic actors and the resulting structural changes (e.g., of institutions, industries, technologies) as the basis for macroeconomic development. In the public guest lectures of this annual conference, Jason Potts from RMIT University in Melbourne will speak on institutional aspects of cryptoeconomics, while Jean-Robert Tyran from the University of Vienna will discuss democratic processes under aspects of recent behavioural economics.