Resilient Supply Chains for the "Twin Transition"

WIFO Economist Klaus Friesenbichler as Keynote Speaker on Cooperation in the Danube Region
On 10 July 2023, within the framework of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, an event on " The Danube region at the turn of times – actively shaping the transformation" took place in Stuttgart. WIFO industrial economist Klaus Friesenbichler stimulated the discussion with his keynote speech on "Resilience in turbulent times".

At the international event, high-ranking representatives from Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and Moldova discussed economic policy levers to promote digitalisation and the green transition in the Danube region. Klaus Friesenbichler outlined the latest developments in international trade disputes using the semiconductor value chain as an example. It is yet unclear where the EU positions itself amidst these challenging developments. He then presented long-term trends in world trade that suggest a stabilisation of the international division of labour. Regional cooperation in the Danube region can create growth opportunities and help to mitigate risks. In addition to trade links, the spread of new technologies such as information and communication technologies is also shaping economic life. A cross-country comparison shows that economic policy should focus not only on investment in digitalisation, but also on the use of innovative services and the organisational innovations that go with them.

Further information about the event can be found here.

The presentation documents are available here.