Construction Market Research Network EUROCONSTRUCT®

EUROCONSTRUCT® is an independent construction market forecasting network with partner institutes in 19 European countries. WIFO is the Austrian representative of the network and in this function the first contact point for national inquiries.

Main network activities cover the bi-annual conferences where special emphasis is set on overall economic analysis and on European construction market forecasts in those countries where the network is represented. These forecasts are updated bi-annually and are presented at the summer conferences (June) or winter conferences (November/December) in alternating European cities.

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84th Euroconstruct Conference: European Construction Market Forecasts to 2020

Workshops, conferences and other events, Munich, 23.-24.11.2017,
WIFO's Euroconstruct partner, the ifo Institute, is hosting the 84th Euroconstruct conference in November 2017. The conference deals with European construction market forecasts to 2020. Special lectures on Iran and Mexico will be additionally covered by the Munich programme. A pre-conference event is scheduled on the evening before the conference. The first part of this event is reserved for a key-note speech on European real estate markets and a focus on Germany. This will take place at the University of Munich (LMU). The second part will be a social event with gala dinner at the Olympic Tower.
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