Fair and Sustainable Taxation – Call for Papers

Workshops, Konferenzen und andere Veranstaltungen, Brno, 9.-10.3.2017,
The objective of the FairTax special session on "Fair and Sustainable Taxation" is to promote the exchange of ideas among researchers working on the concept of fair taxation in the European Union as well as on the topic of sustainability with respect to taxation regimes and tax policy. We are looking forward to receiving contributions analysing all the aspects connected with the issue of fair and sustainable taxation, e.g., tax fraud and tax compliance, corrective taxes (e.g. environmental taxes), taxing for growth, cultural and institutional sustainability of taxation, taxes as redistributive tool, gender impact of taxation.
Details: Margit Schratzenstaller (
Mit finanzieller Unterstützung von: Europäische Kommission
Veranstalter: Mendelova univerzita v Brně – Österreichisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung
Online seit: 07.11.2016 0:00
Forschungsbereich:Makroökonomie und europäische Wirtschaftspolitik