Usage of Gigital Platforms in Austria

Evaluation of the WIFO Business Survey "Digital Platforms"

As part of the project "Business Use of Digital Platforms – Scope, Value and Impact on Austrian Firms", the WIFO business survey "Digital Platforms 2021-2022" on the use of digital platforms was conducted for companies in Austria 2021-22. For the first time, this provides detailed empirical findings on the motives of and barriers to the use of digital platforms in five business sectors as well as on the effects of the use of digital platforms on aspects such as turnover and costs as well as on the prices and quality of goods and services. In addition, for the most important digital platform in the company, assessments of satisfaction, terms of use or contractual conditions, switching options, charged fees and the value that companies attach to the use of these digital platforms were collected. This report provides an overview of the descriptive results of the questions asked.