Jürgen Janger Wins ÖAW Prize Question

How Does Austria Measure Up as a Research Location?
WIFO economist Jürgen Janger has won this year's prize question of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW). With his answer to the question of whether Austria is a good research location, Janger won ex aequo with Standard journalist Theo Anders.

In his contribution, Jürgen Janger compared the comparatively high research expenditure in Austria with the relatively low scientific output. It is true that there are "outstanding individual scientific achievements". However, the location's performance does not correspond to the level of countries with a high research quota. "For example, there is a lack of top-performing universities or young, fast-growing and research-intensive companies", says Janger, who notes with regard to the loss of research funding: "Money is clearly not the only ingredient for a successful research location. An effective distribution of funds and framework conditions outside of actual research funding are just as important."

ÖAW Price Question

Finding answers to unsolved scientific and social questions – this is the aim of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) with its regular prize question. The ÖAW thus gives new life to the time-honored tradition of scientific prize questions and prepares the ground for innovative approaches to solutions.

An interdisciplinary prize committee then selects the best answers, which are awarded 8,000 € for first place, 6,000 € for second place and 2,000 € for third place.