Austria Still Not a Leading Innovation Country

Insights of the New RTI Monitor 2023
Austria still needs to catch up in key performance areas of its research, technology and innovation (RTI) system. This is shown by the RTI Monitor 2023 just published by the Council for Research and Technology Development and implemented by WIFO using an interactive and web-based visualisation.

Using the numerous data presented in the RTI Monitor, key areas for innovation performance and policy can be analysed over time and across countries. These include framework conditions such as education and regulation, the RTI core with universities and companies, and cross-cutting issues such as the environment and climate, the circular economy, gender equality and efficiency. A new focus is technological sovereignty. Overall, Austria is well above the EU average, just below the leading innovation countries in the EU, but clearly below the level of the global top 3.

The financing and promotion of RTI performs particularly well, while the biggest problem areas are digitalisation and start-ups. "Over the past two decades, Austria has succeeded in strongly promoting the use of research and development in sectors that are fundamentally less technology-intensive, thereby contributing to international competitiveness. Now, additional attention must be paid to tackling major societal challenges such as climate change, digitalisation and technological sovereignty", says WIFO economist Jürgen Janger. The RTI Monitor makes it possible to access tailored information on innovation performance as well as relevant studies and recommendations of the Council at a glance.

The RTI Monitor also shows the degree to which the RTI Strategy 2030 and the circular economy strategy have achieved their goals and the likelihood of meeting them, as well as which areas of the RTI system are relevant for achieving the goals. The RTI Monitor can thus be the information starting point for efforts to join the circle of leading innovation countries in the EU.

The RTI Monitor is available here (German version only).

Further information on the Council for Research and Technology Development can be found here.

Empirical Assessment and Policy Options
Finalization: June 2023
Contractor project: Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development