Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christine Zulehner

Christine Zulehner is Senior Economist at WIFO and has been working in the Research Group "Labour Economics, Income and Social Security" since 2008. She is Professor for Economic Policy at University Vienna. Christine Zulehner received her Ph.D. in Economics from Humboldt University Berlin. Prior to joining the University of Vienna, she held positions at the Universities of Frankfurt and Linz. Christine Zulehner is interested in industrial organisation, competition policy, labour economics and applied microeconomics. Her research has been published in international journals like the International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of Regulatory Economics, and Review of Financial Studies. She has also been a consultant on antitrust cases to various firms and government agencies.

Ongoing project since: 14.11.2022
Contractor project: Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy
JEL-Codes: J24, J01