Thematic Platform Bundles Research on Digital Transformation at WIFO

Digitisation – Seizing opportunities. Coping with challenges.
Digital transformation is a central topic for the future and affects all areas of life: digital technologies fundamentally challenge existing market mechanisms, economic policy instruments, spatial structures and economic and social interactions. WIFO is therefore bundling its research activities on digital transformation from different perspectives in a thematic platform.

The thematic platform "Digital Transformation" bundles WIFO's current work on the topic in order to promote the exchange of ideas. In its function as an information hub, it offers direct access to the relevant WIFO publications and contact details to the respective experts.

WIFO works on the topic of digital transformation from various perspectives, such as macroeconomic implications, the labour market transitions, firms' innovations, regional upheavals or environmental impacts. By including the economic, spatial, competitive, social and ecological significance of digital transformation in the economic analysis, the effects and interactions of digital progress with respect to markets, governments and society are highlighted and presented in comprehensible manner.

To the thematic platform "Digitisation"