Launch of WIFO Research Briefs

New Publication Series of the Austrian Institute of Economic Research
In order to anchor current research results even more directly in social discourses and processes, the Austrian Institute of Economic Research will launch a new publication series, the WIFO Research Briefs, in April 2020.

On the one hand, the new format includes English summaries of key WIFO studies, while on the other hand, economic policy-oriented analyses on relevant economic issues will be published in German or English. The WIFO Research Briefs are aimed at national and international institutions, scientific communities, stakeholders and media representatives.

WIFO's mission is to build a bridge between basic academic research and economic policy application in order to contribute to the solving of socioeconomic challenges. By focusing on the preparation and presentation of research results, WIFO Research Briefs make a further contribution to the fulfilment of this basic idea.

Of course, like all other WIFO publications, WIFO Research Briefs are written in compliance with the rules of good scientific practice and the scientific policy advice of the Austrian Agency for Scientific Integrity (ÖAWI).