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WIFO lectures and conferences(3 hits)

Martin Kenney, The Platform Economy: Reorganising Capitalism

Lectures "WIFO-Extern", 3.5.2018 13:15
Digital platform firms led by Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are changing social life, work, competition and, ultimately, value creation and capture. Today, the five US giants plus Alibaba and Tencent are the most valuable firms in the world. The increasing centrality of digital platforms for organising competition, work, and value creation is changing the balance of power between labour and employer and within a variety of supply chains. Not only do we have the salient cases of work contracting platforms such as Upwork and services platforms such as Uber and Lyft, but also there are new opportunities for generating income such as the Airbnb, app stores, YouTube, and beyond. Remarkably, even when workers are not displaced, platforms such as Yelp and TripAdvisor affect the work and management process. Digital platforms are also transforming the dynamics of competition in a wide variety of industries from services, logistics and finance through entertainment and music. I explore these dynamics and speculate how inter-firm competition might be impacted particularly as the platform giants become increasingly intertwined in all social and economic life and can leverage their existing power to enter yet other value-creation opportunities.
Organised by: Austrian Institute of Economic Research
Online since: 20.04.2018 0:00

Euroframe Conference on Economic Policy Issues in the European Union: Economic Policies and Political Economy in the EU after the Crisis

Workshops, conferences and other events, 8.6.2018
The Euroframe group of research institutes (CASE, CPB, DIW, ESRI, ETLA, IfW, NIESR, OFCE, Prometeia, WIFO) will hold its 15th annual Conference on Economic Policy Issues in the European Union in Milan on Friday 8 June 2018. The Conference will focus on two main challenges for economic policies: 1. monetary policy normalisation and 2. political economy of fiscal policies.
Organised by: Euroframe – European Forecasting Research Association for the Macro-Economy

85th Euroconstruct Conference: European Construction Market Forecasts to 2020

Workshops, conferences and other events, Helsinki, 7.-8.6.2018,
The Finnish Euroconstruct partner, Forecon, is hosting the 85th Euroconstruct conference in June 2018. The conference deals with European construction markets and gives updated forecasts to 2020. A further focus of the conference will be on the development of the built environment. The event starts with a visit to the Helsinki Central Library Oodi where construction will be near completion at the time. The visit will culminate in a gala dinner for networking. The venue of the conference is the Finlandia Hall in the centre of Helsinki.
Organised by: Euroconstruct
Online since: 12.04.2018 0:00