Tips for the search and download of WIFO publications

Thank you for your interest in the WIFO publications. Here's a little help for efficient search and download:

Publication search

With each publication list you will find a small search form that provides a few filters:
  • In the first field you can either search for the name of an author or for a term in the title or abstract of the publication (not both at the same time).
  • Select one of the five research areas.
  • Selecting "Publication type" allows you to limit the search to Monatsberichte, books, etc.
The search result is sorted in reverse chronological order.

Full-text search

With the full-text search in the header of the WIFO website you can search the entire site and also combine terms, i.e. "author's name AND term".
The result is sorted by relevance.


  • Please select a publication via the publication search, full-text search or via direct access to the different types of publication.
  • If the download of this publication is free, you can find a PDF download link. Publications can be purchased online: please put the publication to the shopping cart. You will then be prompted to sign in with your login name or register as a new user. Please click the confirmation link you received by email, and return then to the shopping cart (link in the gray header of WIFO site). Then log in with your login name (email address) and password and fill in the user data form.
  • Select a payment type and complete the checkout process.
For any questions or problems, please contact!