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High-growth Firm Shares in Austrian Regions: The Role of Economic Structures
WIFO Working Papers, 2020, (595), 41 pages
Online since: 12.03.2020 0:00
This paper explores the structural determinants of high-growth firm shares in Austrian regions. The regional level of analysis allows to uncover regularities which are not detectable in firm-level studies. We find that lower mobility barriers, firm exits and technological opportunities, measured by digitalisation intensities, and, to a lesser extent, agglomeration effects are associated with a larger share of high-growth firms. The results suggest that comparisons of shares of high-growth firms across countries and regions should consider differences in the industrial structures together with the often-emphasised differences in policies and regulations.
JEL-Codes:D22, L25, R11
Keywords:high growth firms, industrial structure, ICT, Austria, variety, NUTS-3
Research group:Industrial Economics, Innovation and International Competition