Mapping Low-carbon Industrial Technologies Projects Funded by ERDF in 2014-2020

Industry contributed for about 20 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions in 2019 in the EU. Cement, chemicals and steel industries are among the most energy-intensive industries. Around 26,522 million € of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) was used to support projects related to low-carbon industrial technologies (15 percent of the total ERDF in the period 2014-2020). 16 percent of the ERDF low-carbon project is associated with Research & Innovation (R&I) funding (4,255 million €). 13 percent of R&D project in low-carbon are transnational and interregional cooperation projects (549 million €) under the Interreg programme. Higher share of low-carbon projects over total ERDF is observed in central and eastern Europe. ERDF projects in the chemicals industry (407 million €) registered a substantially higher amount than those in cement (101 million €) or steel (89 million €) industries.