Key Indicators of Climate Change and the Energy Sector in 2022

As a result of the measures taken to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, Austria's economic output decreased by 6.7 percent in 2020 compared with the previous year. Greenhouse gas emissions fell by 7.7 percent (or 6.1 million t CO2 equivalents) and reached their lowest level since 1990. The transport sector accounted for more than half of the total decrease in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2019. However, the emissions reductions do not reflect structural improvements in energy or emissions intensity; rather, they are short-term declines resulting from reduced economic activity and limited private mobility due to COVID-19 related restrictions and increased home-office schemes. Therefore, consistent implementation of measures leading to a sustainable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is required to achieve the climate policy objectives, in particular the Austrian target of climate neutrality by 2040.