New Industrial, Innovation and Technology Policy (NIIT)

A Discussion of Central Aspects Focusing on Austria
  • Wolfgang Polt (Joanneum Research)
  • Michael Peneder (WIFO)
  • Erich Prem (eutema GmbH)

In order to establish itself as an enduring policy field in its own right, the New Industrial, Innovation and Technology Policy (NIIT) must not only avoid old mistakes, but also define itself consistently in terms of its contribution to resolving the great economic and societal challenges. A critical analysis of the development of European industrial policy is therefore followed by the results of stakeholder workshops on three selected key issues: 1. changes in European state aid regulation in the context of the so-called "Important Projects of Common European Interest" (IPCEI), 2. an industrial policy assessment of CO2 border adjustment mechanisms, and 3. the question of digital and technological sovereignty.