Fifth Report on the International Competitiveness of Vienna

Part 2: Competitiveness in the Six Thematic "Areas of Leadership" Defined by the Economy and Innovation Strategy "Vienna 2030"

The aim of this report is to empirically analyse the status quo and recent trends for the six thematic "Areas of Leadership" defined by the economy and innovation strategy "Vienna 2030" at the start of the program period (2019). To achieve this goal, two strands of analysis were pursued: First, a data-driven SWOT analysis based on current method proposed by the economics literature. Second, an exemplary monitoring of the degrees of goal achievement for the goals formulated in "Vienna 2030" for the individual key topics using suitable indicators. The SWOT analysis assesses the profile of each Area of Leadership not only with regard to the degrees of specialisation (location quotients) of the underlying industries, but also their degree of embeddedness in technologically or cognitively related activities in the region. The monitoring of the target achievement levels based on selected indicators attempts – wherever possible – an international comparison of metropolitan regions. The analysis highlights the importance of the six thematic areas for the economy of the Vienna metropolitan region, high growth dynamics, as well as good conditions for successful further development of all six topics based on the existing strengths.