Investments in Digitalisation and Decarbonisation in Austria

Drivers, Barriers and Economic Policy Levers

In the aftermath of COVID-19, the economic policy lens will shift from preserving structures during the pandemic to structural change. The study discusses economic policy levers to facilitate investments in "digitalisation" and "decarbonisation" or "carbon management" in Austria. Based on the literature on technology diffusion, investments are seen as vehicles of innovation and transformation. "Digitalisation" is driven by technological innovations in the ICT sector. The multi-layered topic is quantified by a "digitalisation radar", a structured indicator system. Austria's profile of strengths and weaknesses in an international comparison enables the identification of drivers and obstacles of "digitalisation" as well as economic policy approaches. In the section on mission-oriented "decarbonisation", a stakeholder survey is used to examine three areas, namely the automotive supply industry, a circular economy model in the cement industry and innovative buildings. In addition to sector-specific conclusions, general economic policy approaches also emerge.