Evaluation of the Broadband Initiative bmvit 2015-16

The master plan on the broadband strategy provides for an initial interim evaluation after completion of the first phase of the programmes. For the Access 1, Backhaul 1 and Leerrohr 1 and 2 programmes initiated in 2015-16, funding totalling 293 million € was budgeted, which accounted for nearly equal parts of the individual funding channels. The use of the programmes is, however, relatively uneven. The resources of the Access 1 call were doubled and were therefore picked up by 99 percent. On the other hand, only about 40 percent of the budget for empty pipes was allocated and 71 percent of the funds allocated to Backhaul. In sum, from the budgeted funds amounting to 293 million €, 204 million € were allocated in 2015-16.