Tourism Analysis: Summer Demand in 2022 almost at Pre-crisis Level, Promising Booking outlook for the Start of the Winter Season

For the first time since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, tourist activities were able to take place again without restrictions in the summer season of 2022, so that demand increased significantly compared to the previous year (arrivals +27.3 percent, overnight stays +17.2 percent). With 24 million arrivals and around 78 million overnight stays, the pre-crisis level of summer 2019 was almost reached again (arrivals –6.2 percent, overnight stays –1.4 percent). The outlook for winter 2022-23 is more volatile due to inflationary waves and energy uncertainties, but cautiously optimistic – a good booking situation at the beginning of winter should reduce the overnight gap to the 2018-19 season to an estimated 5 percent.