Annual Meeting of the National Economic Society 2019

Numerous Contributions from WIFO Experts
The Annual Meeting of the Austrian National Economic Society (NOeG) took place on 25 and 26 April 2019 at the University of Graz. The conference offered a broad overview on current economic topics. The general theme was digital transformation. With René Böheim, Fritz Breuss, Jesus Crespo Cuaresma, Martin Falk, Peter Huber, Harald Oberhofer and Stefan Schiman, WIFO was again strongly represented this year.

Here is a list of the lectures with WIFO participation at the NOeG Annual Conference 2019:

  • Fritz Breuss: Keynote zum Brexit

  • René Böheim: Effects of more caseworkers for labour market outcomes of long-term unemployed

  • Jesus Crespo Cuaresma organized the special session "Bayesian Macroeconometrics"

  • Martin Falk, Eva Hagsten: Attractiveness of European universities as hosts for Marie Curie grant holders

  • Martin Falk, Eva Hagsten: Time for carbon neutrality and other emission reduction measures at European airports

  • Peter Huber, Martin Guzi, Štěpán Mikula: Old sins cast long shadows. The Longterm impact of the resettlement of the Sudetenland on residential migration

  • Harald Oberhofer: Revisiting Time as a Trade Barrier: Evidence from a Panel Structural Gravity Model

  • Harald Oberhofer, Anja Kukuvec: The propagation of business sentiment within the European Union

  • Stefan Schiman: Labour Supply Shocks and the Beveridge Curve – Empirical Evidence from EU Enlargement