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WIFO Working Papers are not peer reviewed and are not necessarily based on a coordinated position of WIFO. The authors were informed about the Guidelines for Good Scientific Practice of the Austrian Agency for Research Integrity (ÖAWI), in particular with regard to the documentation of all elements necessary for the replicability of the results.

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Thomas Schinko, Ariane Weifner, Angela Köppl (WIFO)
The Interaction of Energy Services, Breakthrough Technologies, and Human Need Satisfaction. EconTrans Working Paper #1
WIFO Working Papers, 2021, (633), 35 pages
Commissioned by: Klima- und Energiefonds
Study by: Austrian Institute of Economic Research – International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis – University of Graz, Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change
Online since: 09.07.2021 0:00
In the context of research on long-run transformations, such as the low-carbon energy transformation, research interest is growing on how to define and measure human well-being meaningfully. The working paper provides a thorough discussion of the literature on well-being and human needs in the context of energy consumption and confronts this scientific discourse with the concept of energy services, or functionalities. Based on a thorough literature review and a comprehensive stakeholder consultation process, we show, that energy services represent the crucial link between energy use (and related GHG emissions) and human need satisfaction.
Research group:Environment, Agriculture and Energy