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Employment Boom Raises Consumer Confidence, Impetus Provided by World Trade Boosts Exports. Business Cycle Report of June 2017
WIFO Bulletin, 2017, 22(8), pp.73-81
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In the first quarter of 2017, the Austrian economy registered its strongest growth in six years. Private consumption remained a solid pillar of economic activity, while exports benefitted from strong impetus provided by emerging market economies, especially via the tight supply chains with Germany, and by East Central Europe. Unemployment declined as a result of the upswing that set in with the tax reform implemented in 2016, with strong second-round effects creating additional demand; consumer sentiment again caught up with that in Germany. Nevertheless, the labour market is faced with structural problems. The massive increase in labour supply brought about by opening the labour market for citizens from Eastern countries, the ageing of the labour force, and the implementation of pension reform measures contributed to an entrenchment of unemployment.
Research group:Macroeconomics and European Economic Policy

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