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Abdulnasser Hatemi-J, Rangan Gupta, Axel Kasongo, Thabo Mboweni, Does tourism cause growth asymmetrically in a panel of G-7 countries? A short note

Empirica, 2018, 45(1), pp.49-57,
We analyse whether tourism (measured by real tourism receipts) causes growth in an asymmetric fashion in a panel of G-7 countries over the period of 1995-2014. Our results reveal that the tourism-led growth hypothesis holds for France, Germany, and the USA, with negative tourism shocks being more important for Germany, Italy, Japan, while positive shocks are more important in the UK and the USA. Our results imply that policy makers in Germany, Italy and Japan should be more concerned when tourism receipts decline.
Research group:Structural Change and Regional Development

Managing editor

Fritz Breuss

Professor Fritz Breuss

Function: Research staff member
Research groups: Macroeconomics and European Economic Policy