Absence from Work Report 2018. Absences Due to Sickness and Accidents in Austria – Presenteeism and Absenteeism

This report provides an overview of the evolution and distribution of absences from work due to illness and accidents in Austria. In 2017 the level of sickness absences was virtually unchanged with respect to 2016. On average, employees spent 12.5 calender days on sick leave during the course of the year, this corresponds to a loss of working time of approximately 3.4 percent. This year's report contains a focus on "presenteeism and absenteeism". According to available data, every year about half of Austrian employees go to work at least once despite feeling ill. Absenteeism, i.e., a "motivational" absence simulated as sickness, concerns a smaller part of the workforce and is less well studied than presenteeism, but also a relevant phenomenon in the world of labour. Both presenteeism and absenteeism are costly and can cause short-term and longer-term damage to the economy and society.