Reduction of Greenhouse Gases in Agriculture

Emission Scenarios
  • Michael Anderl
  • Manuela Bürgler
  • Simone Mayer
  • Erwin Moldaschl
  • Elisabeth Schwaiger
  • Bettina Schwarzl
  • Peter Weiss (UBA-GmbH)
  • Franz Sinabell
  • Katharina Falkner (WIFO)
  • Martin Schönhart (INWE-BOKU)
  • Georg Dersch (AGES)

In this study, scenarios were used to investigate which measures can be taken to achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture. For this purpose, two scenarios "with existing measures (WEM)" and "with additional measures (WAM)" were developed. The WAM scenario takes into account, among other things, the current status of planned measures under the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (NEKP) for Austria. Based on this, two further scenarios (WAM+ and WAM++) with specific measures were developed, with which a reduction of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions by 30% (WAM+) and 40% (WAM++) is possible. In addition to the effect on greenhouse gas emissions, the economic impacts of the scenarios were also analyzed. The results serve as a basis for the NEKP.