WIFO-Investitionsbefragung (Investment Survey) of Spring 2024

The results of the WIFO investment survey suggest a further reduction in investment plans for 2024. The aggregate investment activity is likely to decline. The majority of the investment reductions are reported in manufacturing in particular. Weak growth is expected in the services sector. At industry level, the picture is mixed. Within manufacturing, producers of durable consumer goods and intermediate products are reducing their investments. In the services sector, investments in administrative and support service activities as well as accommodation and food service activities are developing negatively, while providers of financial and insurance activities and companies in information and communication are expecting robust investment growth. Both small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and large firms are likely to cut their investments. The slump is evident in equipment and infrastructure investments, as well as in investments into intangible capital. For Austria's economy as a whole, WIFO expects a reduction in real gross fixed capital formation (–2.0 percent) in 2024.